Moses, maybe?

June 7, 2015

So, what would you like to do?

If you were given the choice of anything you’d like to do in heaven, other than the highly-desirable “spend time with Jesus,” that is? (Everyone would choose that, I suspect, and there’s every opportunity to do just that. Worship, learn from, love on, gaze at, adore the one whose life and death enables us to be there.)

I don’t post as many articles these days as I once did, not because I quit being interested, but because there was just so much that was – maybe mind-boggling, maybe boring, maybe unbelievable – to readers.

But this is a question I’d like to ask you: What would YOU like to do?

Eternity is a long, long time, but it’s useful time. Fritter away some of it, floating around on a cloud? Sure, if that’s what you want to do. Why not?

While you’re at it, rest, meditate, worship, relax, sight-see, explore, all on a cloud. Or chat with someone, catch up on happenings elsewhere, visit people, places and things – lots to do, lots of time to do them. Really.

Then there’s learning, teaching, reading, writing, working in a laboratory (science, space, medical, many different kinds), inventing, experimenting, trying out new things, new kinds of activities and work.

Team work, individual work, and play – enjoyable fellowship and activities with friends new and old, relatives you knew and some you only knew of, before.

One thing I’d like to do is sit down and talk with Moses. Discover his unique personality, his likes and dislikes, his interests. Maybe not the kinds of information other folks would want to know…

I’d ask him, What was life like as a boy? A young man? A fugitive? How did he wind up working for that foreign priest? Marrying the priest’s daughter?

Did he always know about Jehovah God? What was the worship like, working for that Midianite priest? How did he feel about going back to Egypt?

His wife, I’d like to interview her too – what was it like, growing up as one of seven girls in her household? Marrying a foreigner? How did she feel about Moses returning to Egypt? I can think of dozens of questions for her.

Moses, I’d ask, how is life here in heaven, compared to what life was like for you back on earth? Adapting to the different cultures across generations here, how is that? Not just across generations, across thousands of years, but across continents? What is that like?

You see, Moses doesn’t just exist in heaven, he’s very busy interacting with people from every age, teaching, mentoring, explaining, describing. Being interrupted by nosy newcomers.

I think that’s what I would like to do. Meet some people. Listening and learning from them, asking questions and trying to get an understanding of the answers – leading to even more questions. I bet that would take quite a while. But then, eternity is certainly long enough.

Maybe I would pick Moses to start with, but later on maybe Abraham? Or Sara? Adam? Or Luke?

After that, I think I’d like to explore all the learning labs in heaven. Those are so fascinating to me. Libraries, museums, archives, concert halls, universities, workshops, holographic laboratories, anything and everything you’d ever want to know, with the Lord right there to help you, whisper in your ear – “Psst, come look at this!”

Of course I’d also investigate what jobs there might be to do. Do one for a time, then another. Invent a musical instrument. “Discover” a new material, or a new medicine. Science. Explore outer space. Nuclear physics. Art. Transmit data across space, across dimensions.

But first – go talk to Moses.


  1. You have helped make me smile today. Thank you!🎁

  2. Of course we can’t imagine Bette what Heaven will be like in it’s entirety but we know there will be no death, suffering , pain, tears or evil of any kind, we also will not eat earthly food but will be filled with Spiritual food and we will know all things that are needed to know. We will not Marry and have Children.The Scriptures also tell us we will have no memory of earth or the evil we experienced on it. We will be one with The Godhead or Trinity as we call Them today and our Joy will overflow.

    Personally I look forward to being with my 7 Children who died at Childbirth or before and being reunited with others I Love and all Saints but mostly I long to look into the Loving eyes of my Creator, being in the presence of my Awesome Abba Father and my Comforter and The Holy Spirit and knowing them in Spirit as They know me, receiving my rewards and decorating my Mansion with deep abiding Love.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

  3. Great post! After reading your post, I’m reminded of the Mercy Me song, “I Can Only Imagine.” Right now with my Bible reading taking me through the New Testament epistles, I’d have to go with the Apostle Paul. I hear a lot of people say things like, “Heaven sounds boring!” and yet your piece gives a great picture of all that heaven will hold in store and then I’m sure it will be all the more unimaginable. Thanks!

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